***  Ed is on vacation 8/13 - 8/20 and 8/24 - 8/27 - His classes are cancelled those periods***    *** Warrior Workouts are Sunday @ 10am and Tuesday @ 5:30pm  ***  Pitching programs may have slight time changes - check the pitching web page ***


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 We have reduced our space at 45 Derwood Circle by just having the area with the pitching lanes and the cage that we can raise and lower as needed.  We are on a month to month lease pending them finding a new tenant.  We will post here if and when that happens and will keep you advised. 

Pitching groups will continue, as will warrior workout, and all individual lessons.  We are available to work with players on any skill set and help with "Slump Buster" hitting sessions to correct hitting flaws or mental blocks.

We are both available to come to your practices and/or facilities and work with your players.

We are also VERY grateful for the out-pouring of sentiment and feedback.  It's nice to know we have impacted so many players and hope to continue to do so in our new metamorphosis.

Ed & Joe

Striders Academy Hours

  Schedule through September

Monday - Friday :  5:30pm - 8ish
and By Appointment
Saturday : By Appointment Only

Sunday: 10am - 3pm by Appointment
Hours other than above can be reserved by Appointment


45 Derwood Circle   Rockville, Md 20850


Ed Hendrickson -                                           Joe Liguori
     301-461-3623 (cell)                                    (301) 706-9659 (cell)

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