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Well... Striders will be shutting down after February 2018.  On 12/12/17 we had a call from the folks we rent from to advise that they were going to begin renovations around March 1st to prepare our space to rent to a new tenant.  We appreciate their working with us and allowing us the extended stay, but the time is now known as to when we wrap up our operations.

Joe is looking at how he might continue providing lessons at his house, but Ed has accepted a new full-time position returning to his roots in Investigations.  The new job will be kicking in at about the time we have to move out, so the plan is for Ed to wrap up his coaching career.

We will run our full schedule through February, but need to modify renewals as we get closer to the end date to insure we can use all sessions in each package.

We are  VERY grateful for the out-pouring of sentiment and feedback.  It's nice to know we have impacted so many players and have been honored and humbled by the impact we have had.

We will be clearing out equipment and inventory as we near our end date, so let us know if you have an interest in any of the items we have.

Ed & Joe

Striders Academy Hours

  Schedule through March 1st

Monday - Friday :  5:30pm - 8ish
and By Appointment
Saturday : By Appointment Only

Sunday: 10am - 3pm by Appointment
Hours other than above can be reserved by Appointment


45 Derwood Circle   Rockville, Md 20850


Ed Hendrickson -                                           Joe Liguori
     301-461-3623 (cell)                                    (301) 706-9659 (cell)

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