Jen Arruda 2012 
1st Base & Catcher

Shelby Foreman 2013
1st Base & 3rd base

College Recruiting Video

Kelsey Lineberger 2013
3rd base & 1st Base 

Maddie Ulanow 2011

As a former NCAA Div. II Coach, I have seen my share of videos that a prospect sends that shows me all the wrong things.  When we watch recruiting videos, coaches look at details and mechanics, often with a stop watch or freeze frame viewer.  At Striders, we will help you not just make a video, but become a better player by looking at your skills and mechanics and helping you improve on weak spots BEFORE we shoot the video.

We will customize a plan to help you reach your goal.  We will be candid and honest with you, and we will give you tools to strengthen your chances of playing softball in college.  Our service includes a player skills review, position assessment, training, video shoot(s), video compilation and review.  We will post it on  YouTube, give you both a DVD and .Mpg/.Avi files to use as you wish, and duplicate as you wish.

Click on the images above to look at player videos.  If you're thinking of doing a video, give Ed a call - 301-461-3623, or stop by the Academy.


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