Some of our regular Warrior Workout clients are First Responders and in hearing their feedback, we wanted to offer programs to help First Responders to be ready for whatever their day throws at them.  

If you are going to Bootcamp with one of our Military branches or have a class date for a police or fire academy, as a veteran and former SWAT member, I can help you prepare for the the PT side of
Bootcamp and Academy.

We will open for your unit, team or house to work out as a group, before, during or after shift.  It can be at 4am or 10pm, as long as we don't have a class or rental, we will schedule a program to meet your schedule and needs.

We will bring the workout to you - If you have a gym, workout area, open field, pavilion, barn or whatever, we will scout the site and design an hour or longer workout to fit your needs.  You can always come to our place - but we will also come to your place!

Both Joe & Ed are former First Responders (Joe - FD and Ed-PD) so we understand the demands of the job and how our workout program can make everyday demands a little more manageable and keep you working at your peak level.  There is also a great benefit in having squads, units and shifts work out together - team building and communication are a side effect.

Call Ed (301-461-3623) or Joe (301-706-9659) or email 

Our Tough Mudder Team TEN96 is looking for a few more who are 10-96. 
Ask Ed for Info for the October 19th Event.

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