Player Services


Whether your glove just needs some lacing tightened and re-strung, or the whole glove needs re-laced, it is better than giving up on an old friend who has worked so hard to get 'Just Right'.
   Basic quick repairs run $10.00, and full re-lacing jobs run between $40 and $120, depending on the glove.  We will give you a set cost before we do the work, once we see your glove.

MENTAL SKILLS:  Coach Ed has worked with some of the best sports psychologists over the years to help his travel and college players become mentally conditioned.  He uses the 'Tool Box' mentality to help players build a set of tools to work with in many different situatuions.  1st Session is FREE, just to help get to know each other.   We will then design a plan to work with the player , group of players or the whole team.

RE-GRIPPING OF BATS - You can buy the grip kit and do it your self for $10.00, or we can do it for you for $18.00.  Most times we can do it while you work out, but worst case your bat will have a sleepover and get re-gripped by the next day.

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